Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Such a great is addictive!!!

BAckground - Masjid University Petronas, Tronoh Perak.
Last Sunday we went for a two and half hour drive to Tronoh, Perak.  This time is to send my son back to his university after his short weekend in KL.  Normally he will be back to Tronoh using express bus.  But this time round we took the opportunity to test our Preve CFE for it's first long distance drive.  The mileage is now only at about 650 kilometer.

It is a pure joy to drive our Preve CFE. Hill climb is no problem.  With the maximum torque coming as early as 2000 rpm it is a smooth climb and overtaking.  Since the mileage is still below 1000 km I am observing the engine preservation limit of 120 km.  My son drove halfway and he is smiling all the way.  It is very hard to restraint this young man to the 120 km limit.  The handling and cornering is superb.  The road noise and engine noise and the road feel to the steering wheel is just right.  Making you really in tuned to the car.  Just cannot wait for the 1000 km service period.  My advice to those who never try to drive this Preve CFE...don try is meth on wheel ..once tried you will be addicted.


  1. Its true. Worth of buying it. no other car with preve price tag have all the security spec. abs, ebd, turbo engine, 6 airbags . no other car with that price tag got electronic stability control (esc).

  2. Thanks for the blog !!

    I booked my Preve and hoping to get my car in couple of days.....

  3. The best of Proton is the ride and handling, unbeatable. It is very fun and enjoyable. I want to buy Proton car of Civic or Accord class but with Lotus ride and handling but not available.