Thursday, March 7, 2013

Proton Preve CFE - Bosch GPS - it is a botched job

Sri Iskandar township in Tronoh came out blank
The Preve CFE comes with in car Bosch GPS.  It is part of the HU unit comprising of the radio and media entertainment system.

For information I also been a regular user of  GPS software on my hand phone.  On my old Nokia E73 the GPS software is Garmin XT while on my Galaxy Note is Papago M9, NDrive and Waze.

Comparing all these GPSs I must say that the Bosch GPS cameout very poorly and the best is still the Garmin XT on my old Nokia.

The bosch GPS comes with big limitation because it is using very old Malaysian map.  A lot of places came out blank on the GPS especially new roads and housing estate.   GPS is about having the latest map and good routing software.  Even though the map is stated as version 4 and dated Dec 2012 it is actually very very old map.  If you are a regular user of GPS you will instantly noticed it.

How I wish the Bosch GPS  systems is compatible with maps produced by MFM maps at  The maps produced by MFM is collaborated by other GPS users.  It is almost daily updated.  You cannot beat that.  Both Garmin and Papago users benefitted greatly from this.

Further more, the maps on the Bosch GPS is a a closed system and cannot be updated by users and have to be updated by the manufacturer.  This make me really wonder whether the fella who decide on this in-car GPS unit really review out the system properly from user's perspective.  To me the in-car Bosch GPS system is a botched up job as Proton has the opportunity to make Preve a more complete driving experience.


  1. Absolutely rubbish, the person who decided to us Borsch GPS is also trash....

  2. i lost my gps card, can i make a copy from other gps card by just copy and paste?

  3. Jeff, give it a try. Bosch charges RM336 for the SD car update.

  4. I hope someone senior from Proton assists all Preve owners to resolve this.
    I approached the Service complex along the Kesas and was shocked to be given a reply that we can only update by Proton and the charges is RM350.
    This is totally ridiculous as updates by many GPS currently in the market is FOC if it is bought from their approved dealer with proper warranty. In the case of Proton I purchased it with their approved installation and we paid for it in the purchased price.Now Proton is like holdingus by our throat to pay for each time we need to update the maps, What is the use of such GPS with outdated maps. Proton need to give us a fair solution to this situation..Come on Proton...sad that such a good Malaysian car with such a lousy GPS system..

  5. no solution for this yet, can only be done by paying RM350 to bosch and the Proton SC will help you once payment done, izzit?

    1. I guess Bosch has taken Proton for a ride by introducing their product to the company with no business sincerity. By Proton insufficient assessment of their vendor partner, now all Preve owners are being equally cheated and to bear with this unreasonable charges each time the maps updates are needed.
      Come on Proton, You've made so much improvement to our national cars and we are proud to enjoy a model such as the Preve with international standards but to be bogged down by paying for such a useless Bosch system.

  6. The above are all is true. Proton should come up with the solution for all the Preve users. Paying RM 350 is not a small amount for updating only.

  7. Sir please give your advice. No power but fius still function.