Tuesday, January 27, 2015

47,000 KM and Two years - Still loving it

47,000 km +

Almost  two years and past 47,000 km... I am still loving this Proton Preve CFE.  It brings the racing boy in whoever driving it especially in an old man like me.  What I love most is the acceleration (thanks to the soft turbo) and the stability (thanks to Lotus handling).  Driving up Bukit Lanjan from KL toward Sungai Buloh is pure exhilarating.  Overtaking rows and rows of car.  Driving mountain road amongst the clouds from Gua Musang to Cameron Highland through Lojing  is such a pleasure.  If I am in the mood I will drive up the Karak hill from Keramat to Awana just to enjoy the drive, cool air and nasi lemak.  This car never feel out of breath climbing those hills and taking the 'S' corners is such a pure breeze.

At Tasik Bera, Pahang with Sony RX100 Mark 1
Recently my younger sister met with accident  in her office Proton Waja.  She suffers multiple facial injury and skeletal damages that almost cost her life.  Safety aspects for me is major issues when getting a new car.  Preve with 4 air bags and solid structure and complemented with additional safety features such as EBD, ABS and ESC is top notch.  No wonder it is ANCAP 5 stars.

After two years the car has suffered minor scratches here and there on its paintwork which is expected considering KL drivers.  Alhamdulillah (praise to god) that I encountered only one minor accident when one Myvi (lady driver) decided to kiss my but while thumbing her handphone.  This ended up with Myvi's bonet slightly crumpled up and my Preve suffered a slight dent to the back side..since it is hardly noticeable so I just leave it there without any further treatment.
At Penarik, Terengganu with Sony RX100 Mark 1
Fuel Consumption
Fuel consumption??.  Honestly I don't really care.  For a 1.3 ton car with turbo unit you cannot expect it to be that frugal on fuel usage especially when you are enjoying your drive.  One full tank can get me from KL to Kota Bharu without refilling..just barely.  If you are overly concern about fuel economy just go and get some other car which serve you more.  If you are into driving pleasure on the budget than this car will lit you up.
At Cameron Highland with Sony RX100 Mark 1
 SC and Warranty
A lot has been mentioned about Proton service centre.  So far I always go to the Proton Setapak service centre.  It is fast and efficient and service with smiles.   I am totally satisfied with their service.

During these two years several major recalls and parts replacement done by Proton Setapak service centre:
  • Repainting of rusting  fuel tank holder
  • Replacing both front rotor disc brake due to warping problem that causes heavy vibration upon high speed braking.
  • Resealing of back 'C' window to stop air rushing sound at high speed
  • Re programming of ECU to improve car responsiveness at low speed
  • Recall on power windows coil.  No more glug glug sound
  • Recall on the radiator fan wire harness which could cause total fan failure.  this a MUST..it can cause fire hazard.
  • Recall on the engine mounting to solve engine vibration intrusion to the cabin after one and half year.  After this replacement the car is so quiet its like brand new car again.
All the recalls and services above were done free of charge as part of 5 year warranty coverage.  I always use the full synthetic engine oil as recommended by sc and keep to the service mileage diligently.

Both of my headlight bulb been replaced once after a year.  The first bulb cost me around RM30 done at tire shop.  The second bulb (OSRAM) only cost me RM16 done at Setapak SC.   Note that the original bulb is Philips.
At Cameron Highland with Sony RX100 Mark 1
I am not into 'accesorissing' my car.  Nothing has been added to the car to make it into more powerful or look powerful.  I am not into stickers highlighting falsely tuned by some japanese tuners, new mufflers or bumpers to make it look more macho and certainly I am not into rim and tire changing stuff as my stock Champiro is fine.  Also I am not into 'German sausage' thing.  The only modification added is variable camber (NOT chamber yo!!)  nut screw for both front wheels to solve the over 120KM steering wheel jittering.  This was done at goodyear MN and Rakan2 tire shop in Taman Melewati.

After two years and 47,000km I am glad to declare that I am totally satisfied with my Proton Preve CFE .


  1. Hello i have a 2012 preve also. I just want to ask regarding recall for mounting. May i know ur contact number.

  2. Great insight on your Preve. I'm shopping for a new car sometime 4/4 of this year. With my budget, I think Preve would suit me just fine. I prefer S.S but it seems to be a tad more expensive which is unfortunate.