Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nausea (pening) - First drive of Proton Preve CFE

Since I will be having a golf session with my buddy tomorrow I went for a quick swing tune up to the golf driving range.  Loaded up the new Preve CFE with the half set and off to the range which is about 7 km from my house.  With a light traffic in between and a few traffic light.

What happened is that I ended up feeling nausea after driving this new Preve CFE.  It is either the sudden acceleration from the Preve CFE which I am yet to get used to or the new car smell or the CVT/ Turbo turbine wooing sound.  The CVT/Turbo turbine  wooing sound is quite prominent in the cabin.  I need to up the volume of the audio unit  to enjoy the music.  My guess is that all these need to get used to.  Only time will tell.

The handling and the torque...ooohh...OUT of this world. It is that good!!!.  Just a small tap on the accelerator and the car will sort of jump forward...(and your head move backward..maybe thats what make me pening)...the wooing sound kicks in adding up to the experience...make me feel like the king of the road..well..sort of.  This certainly a drivers car..for the one who really enjoy hard driving.


  1. the sound came from the CVT transmission..i also hv similar experience..maybe you could opt for extra sound proofing..I heard that Autofoam is pretty good..

  2. Dear Azim..currently I dont have any plan to soundproof or modding this car. Will leave as it is and enjoy as it is. Because it is already expensive as it is.

  3. My wife bought a Preve in 2012 and me 2013. We have a two member Preve club. Love our Preves.