Monday, February 25, 2013

The Journey begins

After a couple of months trolling the internet and test driving several models of cars we have settled for Proton Preve.  And tomorrow morning we will pickup the car from the dealership.  The sales agent has called us informing us that the car is now registered and ready.  It is going to be the Turbo version i.e Preve CFE 1.6 litre.  Although the most popular color is solid white and black  we will be getting the metallic silver grey.  This is due to easy cleaning.  FYI I hate cleaning my cars.  Hate it.  Due to the ongoing promotion for the 2012 pre-registered units we will be getting  RM5,700 discount.  Thus the car will cost us around RM 67,300 from the Malaysian listed price of RM73,000.

As for me the impression for getting the Proton brand will be a touch and go matter.  We are hoping luck is with us despite quite a number of bad comments Proton Preve are getting from the Internet users..not necessary Proton users though.  I did stop few strangers asking about their Proton Preve CFE.  Generally they are very satisfied with their cars.  We have downloaded the check list from Preve owners club site.  It is two pager thing for us to tick when picking up the car tomorrow.

Guys...wish us luck.  Thus the journey begins.


  1. this is good..i just pass my 1st 1000km mark..hopefully i would be able to read your journey too..hope you'll continue blogging :)

  2. Azim..thanks for reading this ranting. I hope it is a worthwhile journey...Insyallah