Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Two golf bags - boot with space to spare

Today as always is my golf day with my golf kaki (buddies).  One of my golf kaki who happened to be  living in my taman (housing area)  took a hitch in my new Preve CFE to the golf course.    He was surprised as to the ride and acceleration of the Preve CFE.  The ride is typical continental car feeling to it  with a slight touch of sporty suspension.  Little bit on hard side compared to my old Honda Accord.

What is also nice is the boot space.  The 508 litre space can easily accomodate two golf sets.  I think if properly organised one more golf set can be squeezed in.

During the ride on the NKVE Plus highway with light traffic I managed to pushed the car little bit.  Bearing in mind that a proper break in need to be done for a new car so  I only pushed the speedo only to maxout at  120 kmh.  This is achieved in a breeze.  However I noticed that at 120 kmh there is slight vibration to the steering wheel.  So the wheel balancing need to be done in not too distance future.  Thus two things now outstanding with this car

  - The front wheel brake disk need to be replaced
  - The wheel balancing need to be done.

Keep my finger crossed for no more bugs.  I am really hoping that this car is par for the course and not a bogey item.